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Charitable Contributions  01/07/19 1:18:32 PM

This year DFC’s board of Directors has approved the distribution of $67,000 to select organizations in the local communities that the cooperative serves in addition to a $20,000 contribution that DFC will make to the ND Farmers Union Educational Fund.  

The funds donated to the local recipients are a combination of charitable contributions by DFC and matching funds from DFC’s partner, Land O Lakes.  The recipients and contribution amounts are as follows:

Napoleon Ambulance $1,000
Napoleon Fire Department $2,000
Napoleon FFA $2,000
Logan County Food Bank $4,000
Wishek Ambulance $2,000
Wishek Fire Department $2,000
Wishek FFA $2,000
Wishek Food Bank $2,000
Hazelton Fire Department $2,000
Linton Ambulance $2,000
Emmons County Food Bank $4,000
Steele Ambulance $2,000
Steele Fire Department $2,000
Kidder County Food Bank $4,000
Kidder County FFA $2,000
New Salem Fire Department $2,000
New Salem FFA $2,000
New Salem Food Bank $4,000
New Salem Ambulance $2,000
South Heart Fire Department $2,000
Regent Fire Department $2,000
Regent/Mott FFA $2,000
Regent Ambulance $2,000
Regent Food Pantry $2,000
West River Health Services $2,000
Hettinger Fire Department $2,000
Hettinger FFA $2,000
Hettinger CAP $4,000
Hettinger Ambulance $2,000
ND Farmers Union Ed Fund $20,000







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